Geringhoff MS-HORIZON 800 FB

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Dealer number 300050895
Цена с налогами 19 % 80.325 €
Цена без налогов 67.500 €
Марка Geringhoff
Модель MS-HORIZON 800 FB
Год выпуска 2022
Часы 100
Дополнительная информация
Тип: Новая машина
Марка: Geringhoff
Модель: MS-HORIZON 800 FB
Год выпуска: 2022
Часы: 100


Geringhoff maize picker
Two-roller picker with knife rollers and
optionally switchable
horizontal chopper
MS-Horizon row type without switch-off
Hopper design foldable
Number of rows 8
Row spacing 75.0 cm
Drive type on both sides
Self-catching system
MD swivel blade
MD speed Fixed speed
MD type Lexion from model year 2019
Reel drive combine harvester side
MD channel Standard channel / V-channel
Multi-coupling / control block
Front guard
Body color RD01 - red
Additional piston catcher with
Plastic body version
Standard pull-in chain design
- WITHOUT AutoContour
- WITHOUT AutoPilot
Automatic translation from German without guarantee.
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