Zunhammer SKE 18,5 PUSS

Dealer number NOM3041281
Цена с налогами 19 % 153.510 €
Цена без налогов 129.000 €
Марка Zunhammer
Модель SKE 18,5 PUSS
Год выпуска 2022
Часы 187
Дополнительная информация
Тип: Подержанная машина
Марка: Zunhammer
Модель: SKE 18,5 PUSS
Год выпуска: 2022
Часы: 187
Скорость, км/ч: 40
ra: 377


Zunhammer drum
SKE18.5PU Pump Tanker Tandem ECO
heart-shaped polyester tank 18500Ltr. with
3 baffles;
Angle support, large wheel bulges,
hinged lid with hinge and
lever screws
float gauge front stainless steel with
fiber rod;
high quality steel frame inside & outside
hot-dip galvanized;
torsion-resistant hollow section,
cross member front+back;
patented ECO-construction with
pressure line through the
through the chassis beam ( space and weight
saving ).
Bottom hitch with height adjustable
screwed towing eye for KUGEL pick-up
drawbar load 3000 kg,
hydraulic support foot foldable,
single acting;
PETRA self-aligning steering axle, clean tracking
and steering stable
due to built-in splitter disc -
rear caster steered.
Axle screwed to the frame in 10cm increments
tie rod and steering cylinder protected
behind center axle tube,
Axle body lowered for low center of gravity
center of gravity;
Brake drum 410x180BPW with
S-cam brake perm. up to 50km/h;
all 4 axle beams individually with
with diaphragm brake cylinder;
hydraulic steering lock single acting
to the tractor;
2-line air brake WABCO with
ALB regulator on the float;
4 wheels 28L26 Alliance block profile,
h=159cm, w=71cm;
Rotary pump VX184Q Vogelsang with
hiflo piston;
quick-service from behind immediately
Locking chamber with pressurized
oil filling
Capacity: 4,300 liters at 600rpm,
pressure up to 8bar permissible
Suction side discharge sump at the front
third below with
maintenance cover; tank line NW159 to
three-way valve;
Three-way valve on suction side NW159 pneumatically
pneumatically operated;
automatic limit switching or switching by
push button
Left side quick coupler on suction side
NW159 with air valve;
Pressure side line in chassis
integrated larger NW150;
rear three-way cock NW150 hydraulic
double acting for
function: barrel filling - stirring - distributing
Drag hose LV40/9m with
Lift-Drop-Stop and spring-loaded
hose holder foldable by
hydraulic cylinder;
incl. connecting hose NW110
for the distributor a free
return line is necessary;
drag hose preparation incl.
frame extension as well as
mounting lugs and
axle adjustment possibility is integrated.
with joystick for operating the
hydraulic system with only
one tractor connection ew and return;
On the joy-stick there are six push-buttons for
the functions:
boom fold out - on
rear slider open - closed
Hebedrop stop goes with slider,
Oil motor runs with this connection.
For the steering axle a separate
control unit is needed.
hydraulic support foot ew foldable on
2 large wheel chocks,
3-chamber lighting system with
splash guards hoods;
1 suction hose holder under the tank;
Pressure relief bottle for return
standard incl. TÜV-approval 25km/h
(operating license)
Letter 40km/h only with fender
and underride protection possible.
Glide-Fix -surcharge Ex30+30 / 15m
instead of LV40/9m incl. assembly and mounting
- with 2 Exacut cutting heads with
altogether 60 outlets
- hoses NW40mm, distance 25cm
- running on sliding feet on the floor
- outlet hoses not kinking
- hydraulic tiltable dropstop - backwards
no overhang
- flap function on - off (red)
- slide open + tilt (green)
- slider close + tilt (green)
- short tilt open (blue)
- Discharge hoses stand during transport
- Warning signs with LED illumination
- connecting hose with 2x
and 2x brass wedge gate valves by hand
- Universal coupling at the back as a pawn
Cup NW108
- boom hydraulically foldable
- widths: 7,50m left, 7,50m right
Slope compensation Glidefix pendulum
centrally suspended
Working position automatically floating;
Width shut-off hydraulic tipping distributor
half width, optional open left/right
1 x additional valve per side in the
control required
operating control needs one
free space
Additional valve electromagnetically controlled
Part width left/right
bypass in pressure line with hydr. cylinder
coupled with half width control
-> when bypass is open the
quantities at the
slurry 2000 are no longer correct
Load-sensing hydraulic block, extra charge
on normal control block; incl.control conduit.
Working headlight LED 3100 lumen 12V
incl. mounting on tanker and switch
incl. wiring
- center right - center left
Extra strong luminosity!
ISOBUS control f.direct control
from the tractor ( ISO-BUS-Terminal )
- replaces joystick with Gülle2000
Display of current cbm/ha during the
Totalization of ha, cbm, and hours;
Display of fill level;
speed and PTO speed
comes from the tractor;
Terminal on the tractor is necessary
ISOBUS multifunction handle CCI-A3
Revolutionary simple operation by:
- Touch display
- Three different grids
- dividers subdivide each function
- up to 10 buttons on 3 levels
- 30 functions switchable
--> for tractors with
standard tractor harness and InCab-
lower hitch 4to instead of 3to drawbar load
Air suspension tandem f. STS,MK and SK-ECO
instead of swing axle at 18/20to axle load
with brake 410x180, up to 62km/h, track:
2225 mm.
With rear steering axle maximum
750/60-30,5 tires
incl. preparation RDS
Drawbar suspension hydraulic single
only in connection with lower hitch and hydraulic suspension.
incl. hydraulic height adjustment from tractor
additional valve electromagnetically controlled
Drawbar suspension
Forced electric steering for tandem
Steering point next to drawbar eye
Transmission of steering movement by
steering angle measurement on
towing ball;
the vehicle steers forwards and
very precise steering with
emergency running properties
= TÜV approved;
no steering lock at higher
speed necessary.
Loadsensing is mandatory see
Tractor must also have load sensing;
one patent lever included
included for 1 tractor.
Control lever K80 collar conical Set
Control lever E-steering
incl. hole pattern for vehicle specific
adaptation of the
steering angle.
for E-steering
750/60R30,5 BKT Frontloader 630 Radial Super
complete wheel 10-hole ET 0
Fender Tandem Alu from 800-26.5 or
800-26.5 / 28L26 / 750-30.5 / 800R32
Rear underride guard
Lubrication bar for tandem axle unit
1x left and 1x right
with brake shafts
Pump VX260Q instead of VX184Q Inj. Modular
with radial protection plate and
lubrication strip-
central, incl. double actingH suction side NW200
pump capacity 5430 liters at 540 rpm
angular gear 1,6:1 directly flanged
to transversely installed slurry pump
only possible for ECO-Profitanker !!!
incl. extended drawbar
Rotacut 10000 with stone catcher box angular;
hinged door for emptying
connection bends and mounting;
with mounting bracket;
all 8"
incl. change-over valve or additional valve
-> direction of travel RIGHT
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