Fendt Katana 65 S4

Номер ATC2712598
Цена с налогами 19 % 327.250 €
Цена без налогов 275.000 €
Марка Fendt
Модель Katana 65 S4
Год выпуска 2018
Часы 77
Дополнительная информация
Тип: Подержанная машина
Марка: Fendt
Модель: KATANA 65 S4
Год выпуска: 2018
Часы: 77
Мощность: 477 KW (649 л.с.)
Скорость, км/ч: 40
Объем: 15928
Моточасы барабана: 27
ra: 55


used AGCO/ Fendt self-propelled forage harvester
Cabin, air conditioning, ventilation, heating,
Comfort air seat, steering wheel adjustment,
Radio, sun blinds, cooling storage box,
Vario-Terminal 10.4" color,
VarioGuide Controller GSM, VarioDoc Pro,
VarioGuide Standard RTK NovAtel,
Camera package including screen color,
Electrically operated rear view mirror / wide angle,
Wipe-wash rear/ left/ right,
Work lights front/rear LED,
2x rotating beacon,
Katana load limit control,
Superimposed steering, standard fan,
Throughput/yield measurement,
Counter-cut corn, V-crackers,
Automatic countercut adjustment,
Chopping drum 28 utility knives,
Knife set corn / 28 knives,
Automatic ground contour adaptation,
Ejection bow extension,
Preparation of silage additive plant,
Steering drive axle sprung/ HD,
Warning device. up to vehicle width 3.30m,
hydraulic drive, 40 km/h, automatic trailer coupling,
Tyres: 800/70 R 38, 620/70 R 30

approx. 77 engine-h/ 27 working-h/ 55 ha

Kemper maize teeth 7,50 m
Automatic steering / automatic row guidance
Ground adjustment + height adjustment autom,
Accessory trolley

Kemper Pickup 3002
Reinforced screw coils
Automatic translation from German without guarantee.
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