Valtra N 155 EA 2B1 ACTIVE

Dealer number NOM3051843
Цена Цена по требованию
Марка Valtra
Модель N 155 EA 2B1 ACTIVE
Год выпуска 2023
Часы 4
Дополнительная информация
Тип: Новая машина
Марка: Valtra
Модель: N 155 EA 2B1 ACTIVE
Год выпуска: 2023
Часы: 4
Мощность: 114 KW (155 л.с.)
Скорость, км/ч: 40


Valtra N 155 EA
Paint: Red
PTO 540 + 1000 rpm
Electronic linkage control linkage control
Lower linkage catch hook
Lower link mechanically adjustable
Mechanical lower link side braces
Standard cab without suspension
Engine preheating
Suspended front axle
Front fender 4WD
ZW stub 6 teeth 35 mm
Compressor kit
Free return 1" quick coupling
AKH 38 mm bolt A11 automatic
Mechanical top link, cat. 3
Air suspension driver's seat
PTO switch on rear fender
Tool box
Signal socket
520/70R38 + 420/70R28 Mitas HC70 (hidden
Monitor bracket
Hydraulic pump LoadSensing 115 L/min
Maximum speed 40 km/h EcoSpeed
Air brake system 2-line
Industrial front axle 4WD with HiLock Diff
Transmission DPS Power Shuttle 30+30
Passenger seat with safety belt
Fuel tank plastic
Without Pick Up Hitch
Control valve rear 2 pieces (not once
Armrest right + cruise control
Wiper premium wide angle
DIN socket 12V
Sigma Power PTO boost
Air conditioner manual + footwell heater
Ashtray with cigarette lighter
Rear fender wide
Working lights standard
Cabin, 1-door
Without drawbar
Lifting gear HD 78 kN
Trailer frame standard 330 mm
Standard cab interior
Wheel chocks
Radio antenna FM
Loudspeaker Basic
Valtra Connect Service, 5 years
Engine Stage V
Alö front loader Q 5M
Manual Surcharge 5
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