Fendt 828 Vario S4 Profi Plus

Номер NIE44508
Цена с налогами 19 % 208.250 €
Цена без налогов 175.000 €
Марка Fendt
Модель 828 Vario S4 Profi Plus
Год выпуска 2018
Часы 327
Дополнительная информация
Тип: Подержанная машина
Марка: Fendt
Год выпуска: 2018
Часы: 327
Мощность: 211 KW (287 л.с.)
Скорость, км/ч: 60
Объем: 6057


Fendt tractor
in a row
fuel prefilter
Fuel prefilter heated
standard fan
Planetary rear axle
MZW 540E/1000 rpm Flange-ZW
60 km/h - Version
Flange pin 1 3/4" 6-piece
Three-point cat. 2/3 SK without top link
Comfort ballast absorption
Front linkage Cat. 2
EHR control single-acting linkage
EHR control double-acting linkage
Top link SK Cat 3/2
Upper link SK hydraulic cat. 3/2/ 90
Ball sleeve cat.3 1pair to lower part SK
Ball sleeve cat.3/2 1 pair for lower part SK
Ball sleeve Cat.3/2 for top link SK
Ball sleeve Cat.3 for top link SK
Hydraulic pump 152 l/min
Hydraulic pump 205 l/min
Hydr. connection double acting 1/1-1/3 rear DUDK 140l
Hydr. connection double acting 1/1 -1/3 rear DUDK 140l
power beyond
Front return
Rear return pressureless
Auxiliary valve double acting 1/4 rear DUDK 140 l
Auxiliary valve double acting 1/5 rear DUDK - 140l
Additional valve double acting 1/7 Front
Lacquering Nature Green/Rims Terra Red
Cab suspension mechanical
Cab suspension pneumatic
ProfiPlus Version
Power Version
Super comfort seat with air suspension
front passenger seat
Electr. rear view mirror + wide-angle mirror
rear window
reverse-drive system
Without reversing device
Roof hatch Standard
Roof hatch VarioGuide
steering wheel
Steering wheel incl. twist grip
Work lamp roof front
AB-headlight roof rear / 2 pairs
Vario Terminal 7
Vario terminal 10.4
Corner lights
Low beam and high beam
Front pane ESG
Additional front lighting
LED rotating beacon left
LED rotating beacon right
Taillight / turn signal standard
Floor mat cabin
Attachment bracket
Front mirrors
Rear view mirror
Radio - CD MP3 with hands-free kit
storage box
Wipe and wash in the back
Worklights Roof front inside
Pre-equipment for roof installation EC control unit
emergency package
2 coaxial loudspeakers additionally
Universal holder for mobile phone
AB-headlight A-pillar + rear fender
Variotronic device control
VarioGuide RTK Trimble
VarioGuide Controller GSM
Approval to 14.0 t Permissible total weight
Compressed air 2-pipe system for trailers
Automatic trailer hitch
Automatic trailer hitch 38 mm pin
dual-circuit brake
Single-circuit brake without steering brake
Compressed air - additional air tank 2x10l
Bottom hitch Attachment parts
Tyre pressure control system VarioGrip
ball coupling
IF600/70R30 159D TB -50 10 double acting20AX30
540/65R34 145D MT -35 10 double-acting16LX34
650/85R38 173D MT -80 10 double-actingW23AX38
IF710/70R42 179D TB -55 10 double acting25X42
2030 mm Front track
2000 mm Rear track
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